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As individuals seek education and career opportunities abroad, ICAS Canada provides a reliable assessment of academic credentials from diverse educational systems, addressing the challenges of evaluating qualifications obtained internationally. ICAS Canada plays a vital role in evaluating and enabling global academic and professional mobility.

What is ICAS of Canada?

The ICAS International Credential Assessment Service is an organization that specializes in the evaluation and recognition of educational qualifications earned outside of Canada. Established in 1996, ICAS Canada operates as a unit of the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada (CMEC).

It serves as a trusted authority for assessing the educational credentials of individuals who have completed their education abroad and are seeking to study, work, or immigrate to Canada.


Benefits of ICAS

The services provided by ICAS offer numerous benefits to various stakeholders

  • Individuals: ICAS assessments provide clarity on the value and recognition of foreign qualifications in Canada, guiding individuals in their educational and career pursuits.
  • Educational Institutions: ICAS assessments are relied upon by Canadian universities and colleges to assess international applicants' eligibility for admission and make informed decisions about credit transfer and program placement.
  • Employers: ICAS assessments support employers in evaluating the educational qualifications of internationally educated professionals, promoting fair and transparent hiring processes and enabling employers to assess candidates' skills and knowledge with confidence.
  • Regulatory Bodies: ICAS assessments are often required by professional regulatory bodies to determine the equivalency of foreign qualifications and ensure that individuals meet the necessary standards for professional licensure in Canada.

What is ICAS Evaluation for ECA?

ECA, or Educational Credential Assessment, is a report provided by ICAS (International Credential Assessment Service of Canada) to determine the equivalency of foreign educational qualifications in Canada. It is required by institutions, regulatory bodies, and government agencies to understand and recognize international credentials in comparison to Canadian standards.

Purpose and Objectives of ICAS

ICAS aims to provide accurate and unbiased assessments of educational qualifications obtained from international institutions. Its primary objectives are:

  • Evaluation: ICAS evaluates the educational credentials submitted by individuals, comparing them with the educational standards of Canadian institutions. The assessment process considers the authenticity, level, and content of the credentials to determine their Canadian equivalency.
  • Verification: ICAS verifies the authenticity of educational documents, ensuring that they are legitimate and issued by recognized institutions. This includes verifying the credibility of the institution, the program of study, and the academic achievements of the individual.
  • Equivalency Determination: ICAS determines the equivalency of foreign educational credentials to the Canadian education system. This helps individuals understand the value of their qualifications in Canada and assists Canadian educational institutions, employers, and immigration authorities in making informed decisions.

Who Can Apply for the ICAS of Canada?

The ICAS ECA (Educational Credential Assessment) report is primarily designed for individuals who are planning to immigrate to Canada or seek educational or employment opportunities in Canada. The following categories of individuals can apply for an ICAS Canada ECA report:

  • Economic immigrants: Applying for Canadian permanent residency through programs like FSWP, CEC, FSTP, or PNPs may necessitate an ECA. This assessment is crucial for evaluating the equivalence of foreign educational qualifications in the Canadian immigration context.
  • International students: If you have studied outside of Canada and want to pursue higher education in Canada, you may need to submit an ECA report. This report helps evaluate the recognition and transferability of your foreign credentials, aiding in the admission process and determining transfer credits.
  • Professionals seeking licensure: If you have professional degrees from international institutions and want to obtain licensure in Canada, an ECA report may be required. Regulatory bodies and professional associations use the report to assess the educational equivalency of international credentials.
  • Employment purposes: Applicants seeking employment in Canada can opt to submit an ECA report to employers, showcasing the equivalence of their international educational qualifications. The report assists employers in evaluating candidates' educational background and making informed decisions about their qualifications.

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How to apply to ICAS Canada for the ECAfor ECA Report for immigration?

To apply to ICAS (International Credential Assessment Service) for an ECA (Educational Credential Assessment) report for immigration purposes, you can follow these general steps:

  1. STEP 1: Determine the immigration program: Identify the specific immigration program you are applying to in Canada, such as the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), Canadian Experience Class (CEC), or Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). Make sure that an ECA report from ICAS is required or recommended for your program.
  2. STEP 2: Create an online account: Visit the ICAS website and create an online account. Provide the necessary personal information to set up your account.
  3. STEP 3: Select the appropriate assessment type: Choose the ECA assessment type that aligns with your educational qualifications, such as Comprehensive (General) Assessment, Secondary School Assessment, or Post-Secondary (Tertiary) Assessment. Ensure that the selected assessment type meets the requirements of your immigration program.
  4. STEP 4: Submit the application: Fill out the application form online, providing accurate and complete information about your educational background and the institutions you attended. Pay the required application fee, which may vary depending on the assessment type chosen.
  5. STEP 5: Document submission: Prepare and submit the required supporting documents as specified by ICAS. This typically includes official academic transcripts, degree/diploma certificates, and any other relevant educational documents. Documents must be sent directly to ICAS by the issuing institutions or through an approved designated courier service.
  6. STEP 6: Document verification and processing: ICAS will verify the authenticity of the submitted documents and begin the assessment process once all required documents are received. The processing time may vary depending on the volume of applications and the complexity of the assessment.
  7. STEP 7: Assessment report issuance: Once the assessment process is completed, ICAS will issue an ECA report outlining the equivalency of your international educational credentials to the Canadian educational system. The report will be sent to you electronically or through the mail, depending on the delivery method chosen during the application process.

Types of ICAS in Canada

ICAS evaluation is offered variedly to cater to the specific needs and requirements of individuals and organizations. The following are some of the commonly provided types of ICAS evaluation reports:

  1. Comprehensive (General) Assessment: This is the standard assessment report provided by ICAS. It evaluates the overall educational credentials of an individual, including academic degrees, diplomas, and certificates. The comprehensive assessment compares the international qualifications to Canadian educational standards, determining their equivalency and providing an overall assessment of the individual's educational background.
  2. Secondary School Assessment: This type of assessment report focuses specifically on secondary school qualifications. It evaluates the completion of secondary education and provides an assessment of the equivalency of international secondary school qualifications within the Canadian educational system.
  3. Post-Secondary (Tertiary) Assessment: This assessment report is designed for individuals who have completed post-secondary education, such as university degrees, college diplomas, or vocational qualifications. It assesses the level, content, and comparability of international qualifications in relation to Canadian post-secondary standards.
  4. Course-by-Course Assessment: In some cases, individuals may require a detailed assessment of each course or subject completed as part of their educational qualifications. A course-by-course assessment report provides a breakdown of each course studied, its Canadian educational equivalency, and credit hours.
  5. Professional or Vocational Assessment: This type of assessment is specifically tailored for individuals with professional or vocational qualifications obtained from international institutions. It evaluates professional or vocational education and training, determining its equivalency to Canadian standards. This assessment is often required for individuals seeking professional licensure or certification in Canada.
  6. Skilled Trades Assessment: For individuals in the skilled trades industry, ICAS provides assessments that focus on trade-specific qualifications. These assessments evaluate the skills, training, and experience acquired in the skilled trades field, providing an assessment of their equivalency in Canada.

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Services Offered by ICAS

ICAS provides a range of services to individuals, academic institutions, employers, and regulatory bodies. These include

  1. Educational Credential Assessment (ECA): This service evaluates the educational qualifications of individuals and provides an official document that indicates the Canadian equivalency of the credentials. ECAs are often required for immigration programs, professional licensure, and admission to Canadian universities and colleges.
  2. Advisory Reports: ICAS offers advisory reports for individuals who want an assessment of their foreign credentials but may not require an official ECA. These reports provide a general understanding of the educational qualifications and their Canadian comparability.
  3. Customized Assessments: ICAS collaborates with educational institutions, regulatory bodies, and employers to develop customized assessment tools and processes tailored to their specific needs.
  4. Research and Development: ICAS engages in ongoing research and development to enhance its assessment methodologies and stay updated with changes in international education systems and practices.

What is the International Credential Assessment Service of Canada fees?

The applicant will be responsible for covering the processing fee for the report, as well as any applicable charges for courier delivery and other associated costs.

Report Type

Fee in Canadian Dollars

General Assessment Report


Secondary School Comprehensive Assessment


Post-secondary Comprehensive Assessment


Secondary and Postsecondary Comprehensive Assessment


ICAS Assessment Report for Canadian Immigration


What is the International Credential Assessment Service of Canada Processing Time?

The ICAS of Canada processing time can vary depending on various factors such as the volume of applications received and the complexity of the credentials being assessed. Generally, ICAS aims to process applications within 20 business days from the date of receiving all required documents and payment.

What is the International Credential Assessment Service of Canada Address?

The address for the International Credential Assessment Service of Canada (ICAS) is as follows:

International Credential Assessment Service of Canada (ICAS)

Ontario AgriCentre

100 Stone Road West, Suite 102

Guelph, Ontario N1G 5L3


The International Credential Assessment Service of Canada contact number:

Phone: +1 519-763-7282


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If you're looking to streamline your ICAS (International Credential Assessment Service) application process for immigration or employment purposes in Canada, GetGIS (Global Immigration Services) is here to assist you. With our comprehensive services, you can simplify and expedite your ICAS application. Here's how GetGIS can make the process smoother for you:

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With GetGIS, you can streamline your ICAS application process, saving time, effort, and potential headaches. Our expert guidance, document verification, application tracking, and secure document transfer services allow you to focus on other aspects of your immigration journey. Book a free consultation call with GetGIS to simplify your ICAS application process and enhance your chances of a successful outcome.

FAQs on ICAS Canada

1. Can I expedite the ICAS assessment process?

ICAS offers expedited services for an additional fee. You can explore the options for expedited assessment on the ICAS website or contact their customer support for more information.

2. How long does the ICAS assessment process take?

The processing time for an ICAS assessment varies depending on factors such as the volume of applications and the complexity of the evaluation. Typically, it can take several weeks to a few months.

3. Are ICAS assessments recognized by educational institutions and regulatory bodies in Canada?

Yes, ICAS assessments are widely recognized and accepted by educational institutions, government agencies, and professional regulatory bodies in Canada.

4. Can I appeal the results of an ICAS assessment?

Yes, if you believe there is an error or omission in your ICAS assessment report, you can submit an appeal to ICAS within a specified timeframe. The appeals process and guidelines will be provided along with your assessment report.

5. How long is an ICAS assessment report valid?

The validity period of an ICAS assessment report may vary depending on the requirements of the receiving organization or institution. It is recommended to check with the specific organization regarding the validity duration.

6. Can I use an ICAS assessment report for multiple purposes or applications?

Yes, an ICAS assessment report can be used for multiple purposes or applications, such as immigration, employment, or educational pursuits in Canada. However, it's essential to ensure that the report meets the specific requirements of each application or institution.

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