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The payment mechanism that we use is completely secure and Global Immigration Services has the right to choose its own banking and payments partner. We understand the privacy details of the client and assure them of their secrecy is maintained. By visiting this page, you have agreed to the policies and terms of use of Global Immigration Services.

GetGIS (Global Immigration Services)

GetGIS (Global Immigration Services) is delighted that you have taken an interest in our GetGIS (Global Immigration Services) facilities. And so, we take great care to provide all necessary information regarding our products and services upfront on the website pages, emails, and counseling calls for all new members. Also, we do our best to be flexible to all your needs and assist you in every possible way. But, at the same time, we expect that you are motivated and committed to the program you have enrolled in. This will not only encourage us to deliver the best for you but also keep miscommunications at bay. Therefore, in case of any dissatisfaction, we hope that you will raise your issue/s immediately and allow us to resolve them. For more information related to our refund policies, please visit - Refund Policy

PR Services

GetGIS (Global Immigration Services) does not commit to refunding the fee. We will, however, provide some resolutions on certain grounds after scrutinizing. As there are certain grounds on which a refund is not plausible, which are:

Processing delays: The Client has to understand that the processing delays of his / her application for a Permanent Resident Visa are at the Visa Office's discretion and pleasure, and GetGIS (Global Immigration Services) cannot fasten the process.

Inability to follow Instructions: The Client must follow all instructions and guidelines given and provided by GetGIS (Global Immigration Services) during filing and processing until the visa offices finally dispose of the file. If, in any case, the application is rejected due to incorrect details, the responsibility does not lie with GetGIS (Global Immigration Services).

Job search or employment: GetGIS (Global Immigration Services) does not give and has not given assurance for any kind of service for job search or employment of any sort within India or post landing in Canada or for acceptance of immigration application. Help of every sort will be provided, but the finalization depends on the demands of the job market and the employers.

Success guarantee: GetGIS (Global Immigration Services) does not promise success at any specific stage of the application process. The client should acknowledge that granting of visa or status and the time required for processing this application is at the sole discretion of the concerned government agency and not GetGIS (Global Immigration Services).

Modifications in Immigration policy or regulations: GetGIS (Global Immigration Services) has no control over any changes - current or future - in selection criteria that occur after this agreement's date. Such modifications may include but are not limited to a change in pass mark or a retroactive application of new laws etc and may disqualify the client's application.

Intellectual Property

Except where stated otherwise, All Intellectual Property Rights of any Materials, webinars, and speeches made by trainers and our hosts at the GetGIS (Global Immigration Services) are and remain, the intellectual property of Getmyuni Education Services Pvt Ltd or its licensors. The content is protected by India and international copyright laws. GetGIS (Global Immigration Services) will do its utmost to protect the rights of employees, customers, members, and intellectual property rights. We will not hesitate to take legal action if necessary.

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GetGIS (Global Immigration Service) is a leading immigration firm located in Bangalore, and you can contact us at +91-8512093920 or you can also write to us at admin@getgis.org