Different Ways to Get PR in Canada After Study: From Student To Resident

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a permit to study in Canada?

Yes, most foreign nationals need to apply for a study permit before coming to Canada. If your study permit is approved, you will be given a visitor visa or an eTA that will allow you to enter Canada.

What is CLB?

CLB stands for "Canadian Language Benchmark." It is a standardized system used in Canada to measure and assess an individual's proficiency in English or French languages.

Can I stay in Canada after graduation?

Yes, you can stay in Canada after graduation by applying for PGWP which will allow you to stay in Canada for up to 3 years on an open work permit.

How long is the study permit valid in Canada?

A study permit remains valid for the duration of your educational program, along with an additional 90 days. This 90-day period allows you to make arrangements for your departure from Canada or submit an application to prolong your stay.

I am an International student in Canada. Can I work while studying?

If your study permit contains a stipulation permitting on or off-campus work, and you fulfill all other criteria, you might qualify to work in Canada during your studies. Commencing work is only permissible once your study program commences; prior to that, working is not allowed.
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