How To Get Scholarship To Study Abroad After 12th

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I study abroad after completing 12th class in India?

Yes, students can opt to study abroad after completing 12th in India. The student needs to appear and qualify for entrance tests that include language proficiency tests and if required standardized tests like SAT or ACT. These tests also are helpful in your scholarship qualifying process and to get admission into good universities.

Which is the best country to study in after 12th?

Since you are going to study for graduation, the instance might be that it is your first time away from home. Given the scenario, there are many factors looked into and considered by you and your parents. Based on the statistics, the top 5 countries for students wanting to go abroad after 12th are Canada, Germany, Australia, USA, and Italy.

Do universities provide accommodation facilities to international students?

Accommodation is a very major concern for any person moving out of their home, as is the case with students moving abroad. Though there are many accommodation facilities available for accommodation, many students primarily search for university accommodations. Universities provide these accommodation facilities in form of Halls of residence.

Is it possible to study for free abroad?

Yes, it is possible. The best possible way for this is to do your research on different scholarship programs and fellowships programs offered in the universities or schools. Public universities are the best choice for students looking to study at no or minimal costs.

How study abroad helps your career?

While companies have been looking out for candidates having high adaptability capabilities, studying abroad could be a strong proof of your worthiness and adaptability to be the right fit. Abroad education opens up the perspective of boundless job opportunities, and as well contributes to your personal and professional personality development.

Are students going for abroad studies after 12th allowed to work part-time jobs?

The answer to your question is Yes! As we are aware, international students mostly prefer to be able to meet their own personal expenses rather than being dependent on parents or guardians and hence look for part-time work opportunities. International students have the flexibility to work part-time, the permitted hours weekly however varies country to country.

What is the best to study abroad after 12th?

There are many course options when opting to study abroad. However few courses bring you the privilege of higher job availability around the world. These courses are Computer science, Business, Engineering, Medicine, Law, and Hospitality.

Which are the cheapest countries to study in after 12th?

Affordable countries for students after 12th to study are Norway, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Belgium, Austria, Sweden, and Italy. These countries are known to provide free or low tuition fees which is a major contributor to the study budget for any student. Along with special student discounts on transportation, tourist attractions, etc. These countries are as well home to some of the world’s best universities.

What is the minimum 12th percentile considered by universities for admission abroad?

A minimum of 60% of marks is required to plan your study abroad. However, it is not always the case that there are few universities that do not emphasize your 12th marks. But an important point to note here is that a good percentage in 12th can increase your chances to gain scholarships.

Are SAT or ACT scores mandatory for admission to foreign schools?

Although these assessment test scores help universities to understand the applicant’s ability or proficiency, it is not a mandatory test score to apply for foreign universities. There are universities (for example test-optional schools in the USA) that do not require these scores, however, the language test is mandatory for most countries.
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