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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I apply for scholarships without any cost?

To apply for a scholarship without any cost, it is necessary to apply through the National Scholarship Portal (NSP) by the Ministry of Minority Affairs, GOI. This is a prerequisite for applying through the State Scholarship Portal (SSP) in Karnataka, as an NSP ID is mandatory for applying through SSP. Students who are not covered under NSP will only be considered for coverage under SSP.

Which country provides the easiest study opportunities?

When it comes to countries with an uncomplicated study visa process, Canada stands out as an excellent choice. Renowned for its exceptional education, abundant job opportunities, picturesque locations, rich cultural diversity, and peaceful society, Canada is one of the top countries for pursuing higher education.

Are scholarships completely free?

A 100% scholarship, also referred to as a full-ride scholarship, covers tuition fees and other college expenses such as accommodation, travel, insurance premiums, food, and potentially even living costs.

Which countries offer the simplest scholarship opportunities?

Several countries are recognized for offering easily accessible scholarships for international students, including Canada, Germany, Australia, the United States, Hungary, France, China, and the Czech Republic.

Does the government provide financial aid for studying abroad?

If you aspire to study abroad with minimal expenses, consider applying for scholarships, fellowships, or grants. The financial aid offered varies across countries, programs, and universities. Additionally, Indian government scholarships are available for studying abroad.
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