Best Country For Software Engineer To Immigrate From India

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth moving to Germany as a Software Engineer?

A big YES!! Germany is aggressively scouting for Software engineers and Developers, the demand for them is ever-increasing. Germany is housing few of the fastest growing tech companies in the world like Vimcar, Getsafe, GotPhoto, etc hence the IT markets are sure to have gaps and spaces to be filled in.

Which IT field has the Highest Salaries?

The top 10 or highest paid jobs in IT sectors include - Data Scientist, DevOps Engineer, Big Data Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer, AI or ML Architect, loT Solutions Architect, Cloud Architect, Full Stack Developer, and Blockchain Developer.

What is the starting salary of a Software Engineer abroad?

Software Engineers have been in high demand all around the world. Every country is in its quest to scout the best of the tech expats. The starting salary for these Software Engineers in developed countries ranges from $50,000 - $80,000 yearly based on the experience, country, location and many such factors.

Do software engineers have great job security?

No, Technology has been rapidly changing so are the requirements for it. MNC’s or companies expect the same advancement from their workforce as well. SO if you have limited yourself to a certain aspect in the IT industry, high chances that once the criteria for your recruitment is fulfilled from the company point of view, your place would further be occupied by another who has more knowledge.

Which is the best language for Software Engineers?

Currently Python, C++, PHP, JAVA Script are the most popular Programming languages for software engineers. Now that we are in the age of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and data science Python is the most versatile and popularly implemented programming language world wide.

Is there any additional skills or certification required as a software engineer before applying for Immigration?

Software engineers do not require any specific licensure skills, however they are free to pursue voluntary certifications that would help their career growth as per requirement.

Which country gives PR easily to Indians?

The countries that are ranked as immigration-friendly countries by Indians and also providing easy permanent residence facilities include Canada, Australia, Germany, Ireland, and New Zealand.

Is there a demand for Software engineers in Canadian Provinces?

Yes, all the Canadian provinces have high demand for Software engineers. The top 5 provinces with thriving IT industry and huge markets for IT employment opportunities include - Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Quebec and Saskatchewan.

Is Australia a good country for Software engineers?

Yes Australia along with Canada is a great choice for Software engineers. Australia has a huge demand for software engineers and also offers great prospects to individuals employed in the IT sector.

Is Canada good for a working visa?

Canada is one of the leading economies in the world and is a great destination of opportunities for people seeking employment abroad. Having a Canadian work permit would enable you (Business people, temporary and permanent workers, students, and others) to freely and uninterruptedly work in Canada.
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