ACT vs SAT: Which Exam is the Right Fit?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do colleges have a preference for ACT or SAT?

No, colleges generally do not prefer one test over the other. Students often choose based on regional popularity and personal learning style.

Is the ACT or SAT more challenging?

The difficulty level is subjective, varying for each student. It's not accurate to claim that one test is objectively harder than the other.

Do I have to take both SAT and ACT?

No, you can choose either SAT or ACT. Most schools accept both, allowing you to submit a stronger score. Focus on the test that aligns with your strengths.

What do SAT and ACT stand for?

Originally, SAT stood for "Scholastic Aptitude Test," while ACT stood for "American College Testing." Both tests have dropped their long names, and now the acronyms stand alone.

Is SAT reading easier than ACT?

Yes, SAT reading is considered easier with shorter, more straightforward questions, especially in the Digital format.
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