Cost of Living in Spain: A Detailed Overview

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Spain considered costly for Indians?

The average cost of living in India, at $435, is 67% more affordable than in Spain, which stands at $1302. In the ranking of the world's most expensive countries, India holds the 188th position, whereas Spain is positioned at 41st place. Comparing after-tax salaries, the average earnings in India cover living expenses for approximately 1.5 months, while in Spain, it covers about 1.4 months of living expenses.

What's the necessary amount in my bank account for a Spanish student visa?

To obtain a Spanish student visa, one of the prerequisites is showcasing adequate funds to sustain oneself during the stay in Spain. You're required to have a minimum of 100% of the monthly minimum in Spain (IPREM), roughly equivalent to €600 per month of study.

Which cities in Spain offer economical living options?

Here's a list of some of the most budget-friendly cities for international students in Spain:
- Santiago de Compostela
- Málaga
- Logroño
- Pamplona
- Ubrique
- Salamanca

Are there any options for a brief stay in Spain?

Yes, programs like short-term January programs or immersive 5-week summer programs are designed for shorter durations, allowing you to acquire specific skills in a condensed timeframe while minimizing tuition expenses.

What's the duration of my stay in Spain after my student visa ends?

You're allowed a grace period of 90 days after your visa expiration. If you seek a renewal within this timeframe, there's a specific procedure: You must wait until 60 days after your visa expires before applying for renewal. However, after 90 days, from day 91 onward, you won't be eligible for visa renewal.
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