Letter of Recommendation (LOR) for Canada: Requirements, Format, & Samples

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a word limit for LOR?

Some Canadian universities specify a word limit for Letters of Recommendation (LORs). If not specified, it is advisable to maintain a word range of 400-500 words for the document.

Is LOR verified?

Following the submission of the LOR request letter by the applicant, the application undergoes verification by the ULB verifier. This verifier cross-checks the information and marks the application as recommended or not recommended.

What are the LOR requirements for a Canada Student Visa?

Many Canadian universities necessitate a minimum of 3 LORs; however, some may request fewer. For bachelor's programs, academic LORs are preferred, and if the student has practical experience, a professional reference letter might be necessary.

Can I use personal email for LOR?

Providing personal email addresses for Letters of Recommendation (LORs) is not accepted by Canadian university admission committees. It is advised to use the recommender's official email ID to prevent potential issues or rejections.

Can I fake in LOR?

Faking a LOR can lead to immediate rejection of the application for higher studies. Additionally, such incidents may be recorded in the applicant's history, resulting in severe consequences.
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