Global Internship Opportunities for International Students in 2024

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I intern abroad for free?

Typically, schools provide international summer internships, offering both paid and unpaid opportunities that usually take place during breaks, typically from May to August. Consider this for your upcoming summer break destination

Should we pay fees for an internship?

No, Internships should either come with payment (where you receive compensation) or be categorized as non-paid volunteer positions. This depends on the policies of the offering company or organization and the nature of the internship.

What fields are available for global internships?

A range of fields is open for global internships, encompassing engineering, technology, finance, marketing, research, healthcare, arts, and beyond.

What are the eligibility criteria for global internships?

The eligibility criteria for global internships differ based on the particular internship program. Generally, students are required to fulfill specific academic standards, showcase proficiency in the required language, and may need to exhibit pertinent skills or experiences.

Do Indian students need a visa for global internships?

For global internships, Indian students are required to obtain the necessary visa. Visa requirements are contingent on the host country and the duration of the internship.
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