A Detailed Guide on Canada Visa Fees in 2024

 A Detailed Guide on Canada Visa Fees in 2024

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much bank balance is required for a Canada visitor visa?

For individuals residing in Canada, a monthly expense of 1,230 CAD (approximately INR 75,857) is needed, while those visiting for tourism should have 2,000 CAD (approximately INR 1,23,345) for a 30-day stay.

How much work experience is required to be eligible for a Canadian experience class?

To qualify for permanent residence under the Canadian Experience Class, you need to have completed, within three years before applying:
- 12 months of full-time work OR,
- Equivalent part-time hours, like 15 hours per week for 24 months
- Possibility of combining work from multiple jobs to achieve 1,560 hours in 12 months

How long does a Canadian visa take after biometrics?

After submitting your biometrics, the processing times for a Canada visa can vary, spanning from a few weeks to 8 weeks.

How to fast-track your Canadian visa application?

To fast-track your application, ensure you meet certain requirements regarding education, work experience, and language proficiency, demonstrating a job offer from a Canadian employer or your capability to financially sustain yourself and your family in Canada.

How long does it take for Canadian visa stamping?

The Canadian visa stamping processing time is around 10-15 days.

Can the Canada visa cost for Indians be refunded?

No, that the Canada visa cost for Indians is non-refundable in case of appointment cancellation or visa application rejection.

What is the Canada visa cost for Indians?

The Canada visa cost for Indians begins at INR 8,499/-.

Is obtaining a Canada visa mandatory for Indians?

Yes, acquiring a Canada visa is mandatory for Indians.

Do I require travel/health insurance for my trip to Canada?

Considering the higher expenses in Canada, it's recommended to obtain travel/health insurance before your trip.

What will happen if I overstay on my Canada Visitor Visa?

The permitted stay duration on a Canada Visitor Visa is 6 months per entry. If you exceed this period, you could be subject to fines, imprisonment, or deportation to your home country.
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