Complete Breakdown of the Cost of Living in Melbourne in 2024

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a comfortable salary to live in Australia?

An individual now needs an annual salary exceeding $90,000 to maintain an above-average standard of living in Melbourne, Australia.

Is Melbourne expensive or Sydney?

Recent findings from Finder reveal that Sydney is 22% more costly to reside in compared to Melbourne. Housing supply challenges are identified as a significant contributor to the inflated prices in Sydney.

How much tax do you pay in Australia?

Below is the breakdown of Australian residents' tax rates for the year 2024-25

​ - $18,200–$45,000 - 16%
​ - $45,000–$135,000 - 30%
​ - $135,000-$190,000 - 37%

Why are apartments in Melbourne so cheap?

Melbourne has seen a greater commitment to apartment development, especially in the inner city, resulting in lower prices compared to Sydney.

Is it worth buying a 1 bedroom apartment in Melbourne?

Yes, One-bedroom units can provide excellent returns on investment, particularly in cities such as Sydney and Melbourne.
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