Top 8 Benefits of Studying Abroad for Indian Students

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Benefits of pursuing a Postgraduate degree Abroad?

Along with the benefits of experiencing the best education infrastructure and facilities, specializations, research options etc the other best advantages of pursuing a Postgraduate degree abroad include:
​ 1) Boosts your CV weightage over peers
2) Opportunity to join an international student network
​ 3) Learn the local language, culture, and festivities
​ 4) Get to enjoy student benefits
​ 5) You strengthen your steps toward being an independent person

What are the benefits of pursuing an Undergraduate degree abroad?

Pursuing your graduation degree abroad brings you the benefits of:
​ 1) Diverse course options to choose from
​ 2) Global exposure and expertise
​ 3) Opportunity to learn new languages
​ 4) Employment opportunities
​ 5) Experience foreign culture and diversity that helps you imbibe global perspective

Which is the most popular country for studying abroad?

The Top 10 most preferred countries to study abroad include – Canada, Spain, Australia, England, Japan, Germany, England, the United States of America, the Netherlands, and Portugal.

How will studying abroad help my Career?

Studying abroad adds up Tangible career advantages to the candidates, like increased hireability as a result of your demonstration (through foreign degrees) of factors like adaptability, flexibility, etc, faster transition in career-relevant post-graduation, higher salaries, etc.

Why is studying abroad good for Indian students?

International studies provide Indian students with the opportunity to specialize in a varied variety of courses, develop research abilities, and skilled-based training opportunities for students, not just limited to this but studying abroad also helps with expanding your thinking boundaries.

Is studying abroad expensive?

Studying Abroad need not be necessarily expensive. One of the major reasons for this is the currency exchange rates, but there is a solution to this problem which is Scholarships. All the top destination countries have been offering different scholarship programs to Indian Students to make the study burden affordable in the foreign country.

What are the challenges when studying abroad?

The challenges that students generally face when studying abroad include – Homesickness, barriers relating to language and culture, understanding and meeting up to the course requirements, Health issues in the initial days, and financial difficulties.

Is studying abroad Stressful?

Studying abroad is stressful or not entirely depends on the candidate. However, it is agreed that all of a sudden being out of your comfort zone, trying to adjust to a new foreign environment, study commitment (common in India or abroad), self-responsibilities, striving to become self-dependent, etc, might affect your efficiency but if done out of willingness this would surely not become an unbearable stress difficult to overcome.

Which are the best cities to study abroad in Australia?

The 7 best places or destinations for students to pursue study abroad in Australia include – Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast, Perth, Brisbane, Cairns, and Canberra.

Is it possible to study for free abroad?

Yes, it is possible. The best possible way for this is to do your research on different scholarship programs and fellowships programs offered in the universities or schools. Public universities are the best choice for students looking to study at no or minimal costs.
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