Top 10 Reasons Why Indian Students Go Abroad To Study

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 Top 10 Reasons Why Indian Students Go Abroad To Study

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the best for countries to study abroad for Indian students?

The best countries that Indian students mostly prefer to study abroad are:
1) Canada
2) Australia
3) Germany
4) USA
5) UK
6) Italy

Will studying abroad help in career building?

Certainly Yes! Studying abroad will not only bring you the benefit of having globally acknowledged degrees but also help you nurture personally and professionally. Being away from your comfort zone will help you broaden your perspective, effective learning and implementation, etc, and not just this but having a degree abroad will showcase your flexibility and adaptability will be currently highly expected skills in the employment markets.

What are the challenges when studying abroad?

Few of the main challenges an International student might face while studying abroad include – homesickness, finance, dietary issues, language barrier, cultural barrier, adapting to currency differences, etc.

Can international students work while studying in US?

In the US the rules are stringent for international students willing to opt for part-time work. A student enrolled for a full-time course and has a valid F-1 visa is permitted to work for 20 hours per week (maximum) during classes in session and 40 hours per week (maximum) when classes are not in progress.

What prevents students from studying abroad?

Many students wanting to go abroad for studies are not able to accomplish that because of certain hindrances like Cost factors, family concerns, lack of knowledge with respect to available choices, and limited course flexibility.

Can international students work while studying in Germany?

Yes, you can work while studying in Germany. Any international student apart from the EU region can work for a maximum of 120 full days or 240 half days per year.

Can I study for free abroad?

Yes, you certainly can study for free abroad, thanks to the numerous scholarship programs offered to international students. To avail of the scholarships the applicant however needs to be well aware of the course choice, university, and country, etc.

Can international students work while studying in Canada?

While studying in Canada, international students can opt to work part-time, but they are permitted a maximum of 20 hours per month, exceeding which can result in violation of conditions under the student visa or permit and can result in students being forced to depart from the country.

Which are the cheapest countries to pursue studies abroad?

The most affordable destinations to pursue studies include – Germany, Norway, France, Mexico, India, Argentina, Poland, Malaysia, South Africa, and Taiwan.

Is it worth going abroad for studies?

Going abroad for studies is certainly worth it. You not only get to bring home an internationally recognized degree but are well nurtured to personal and professional development, hence opening up many opportunities and a successful career ahead.
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