The Ultimate List of 30 Visa-Free Countries for Indian Passport Holders

 The Ultimate List of 30 Visa-Free Countries for Indian Passport Holders

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Different Types of Visas You Can Avail?

- Visa-free travel: This is possible if the two countries concerned have a visa-free travel agreement or if the country you are visiting has unilaterally opened its borders to foreign nationals.
- Visa on Arrival: The entire visa issuance procedure is started and finished by port of entry government officials.
- e-Visa: In essence, e-Visas are official paperwork that a nation's immigration official issues online to allow travelers entry.

- Entry Permit: In place of visas, several nations provide entry permits to visitors. These entry permits are legal documents that grant visitors the right to enter and remain in the nation for a specific amount of time.

Are visas on arrival available at every airport in the countries concerned?

No, only a few ports and airports in the regions of the nations offer visas on arrival.

Are e-Visas often available for single entrance into a country?

Yes, most e-Visas, particularly those obtained for travel, only allow for one entry.

Does each country's e-Visa have the same validity period?

No, each country with the authority to issue an e-Visa decides how long it will be valid.

Do I Need To Go Through Immigration For Visa-Free Countries?

Yes. Most nations require that you pass through them to obtain an admission stamp for your passport. Then, to make sure you did not exceed your visa-free period, the immigration officer will check your passport as you leave the country to look for the entry stamp.

What Are The Required Documents Visa Free Countries For Indians?

​It would be helpful to have documents about the aim of the trip. Even though some of these documents are not usually required, they will be useful when you review paperwork. You need the following documents:
- ​A valid passport is required in most of the countries. The minimum validity duration varies depending on the nation.
​- Empty passport pages. The required number of blank pages ranges from one to three.
​- Travel plans, such as round-trip airline tickets
​- Evidence of hotel lodging
​- Vaccination records for diseases like malaria, yellow fever, COVID-19, etc.

Where Can Citizens of India Travel Without a Passport?

​India's citizens can travel to the following nations with just an ID card and no passport:
​- Bhutan
- ​Nepal

Is Purchasing Travel Insurance Required?

No, but you do want to ensure that your finances are safeguarded from the several unexpected circumstances that may occur while you are traveling. With a travel insurance policy, you might receive many advantages, which are:

​- Protection Against Medical Emergencies
​- Protection Against Loss of Wallet
​- Trip Cancellations or Flight Delays
​- Delay/Loss of Baggage
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