Top 10 Countries Where Indian Rupee is Stronger

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Maldives expensive?

The Maldives is typically regarded as a high-end destination, with many resorts and hotels offering exclusive and luxurious experiences. Accommodation prices can vary widely, ranging from $100 to $50,000 or more per night, depending on the room type, amenities, and level of service.

Is 1 lakh enough for a trip to Japan?

A 7-day trip to Japan for one person is estimated to cost around Rs 1.5 lakh, covering expenses for air travel, accommodation, sightseeing, and food.

Is Thailand costly?

No, Thailand is not a costly destination. It is known for being one of the most budget-friendly travel destinations, offering low-cost accommodation options and inexpensive street food.

Is Japan affordable to visit?

Despite its reputation as an expensive destination, Japan offers reasonable travel experiences with a bit of planning. Many major sights are free to visit, and the country hosts various cost-effective festivals throughout the year.

Is India expensive to visit?

The daily cost of visiting India varies based on travel preferences. Budget travelers can expect to spend around $30-45 per day, mid-range travelers could spend $65-100 per day, while luxury travelers might spend $200-400 or more per day.

Is India a cheap country?

India is considered the third cheapest country to live in, with an average monthly cost of living ranging between $330 to $420.
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