Master’s in Health Administration in the USA: Top 8 Universities, Eligibility, Application Process, and More

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between an MPH and MHA in the US?

In the US, while an MPH degree focuses on addressing community health goals, an MHA degree is centered on the business aspects of the healthcare industry.

What is the job role of a Hospital Administrator?

Hospital administrators hold a pivotal role in overseeing the entire hospital, their duties include managing department and facility budgets, ensuring efficiency in healthcare delivery, handling public relations, and spearheading community outreach initiatives.

How long does it take to complete MHA in the USA?

The duration to complete a Master's in Health Administration (MHA) in the USA typically ranges from 1.5 to 2 years for full-time students. However, the length of the program can vary depending on factors such as the curriculum structure.

Which is better, an MHA or an MBA in healthcare?

An MBA in Healthcare emphasizes management across various sectors within healthcare, while an MHA offers a comprehensive understanding of the healthcare industry, covering management and hospital support services.

Is MHA a professional degree in the US?

Indeed, in the US, the MHA is recognized as a professionally accredited degree available to both domestic and international students.
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