LOR for MS in the USA: Crafting Your Key to Success

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should I ask for a Letter of Recommendation (LOR)?

Ideally, request LORs from professors who have directly taught you and can comment on your academic performance, research potential, and skills. Consider mentors or supervisors familiar with your work ethic and contributions.

How many LORs are required for MS programs in the USA?

Most programs require 2-3 LORs, with at least 2 from academic sources. Refer to specific program requirements for exact details.

Can GetGIS help me with crafting my LORs?

Yes! GetGIS provides personalized feedback on your LOR drafts and helps ensure they effectively highlight your strengths and align with program expectations.

What is the tone of a letter of recommendation?

The tone of a letter of recommendation for an MS program in the USA should be professional, enthusiastic, and persuasive. Highlight your academic strengths and potential with confidence and concrete examples, while maintaining a respectful and objective tone. Remember, it's not a personal endorsement, but an informed assessment of your capabilities for graduate study.

Can I use the same LOR for multiple applications?

zWhile you can use the same general content, adapt each letter to the specific program and highlight relevant aspects for each application.
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