Fall Intake in the USA: Your Gateway to American Higher Education

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why fall intake is best for the USA?

Fall intake is the most popular and competitive application season for US universities. It offers the widest range of programs and universities, ample scholarship opportunities, and an established academic calendar.

When do fall intake classes start in the USA?

Fall intake classes typically begin in late August or early September in the USA.

When should I apply for fall intake in the USA in 2024?

Applications for fall intake in USA 2024 typically open in September 2023. Deadlines vary by university, but they generally fall between December and February.

When should I apply for the 2023 fall intake?

The deadline for applying for fall 2023 intake has passed. However, some universities may consider late applications on a case-by-case basis.

Which intake is best for the USA?

The best intake season for studying in the USA depends on your circumstances and preferences. However, fall intake is generally considered the most popular and advantageous option for international students.
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