All You Need To Know About Job Sponsor Visa Australia

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Sponsor an Applicant for a Visa in Australia?

Australian citizens, permanent residents, eligible New Zealand citizens, and some organizations can sponsor applicants for various visa types. The eligibility criteria for sponsorship depend on the specific visa subclass being applied for and the relationship between the sponsor and the applicant.

What Visa Categories Require Sponsorship in Australia?

Certain visa categories in Australia, such as the Partner Visa (subclass 820/801), the Employer Nomination Scheme (subclass 186), and the Temporary Skill Shortage Visa (subclass 482), require a sponsor to nominate the applicant. These visas cover areas like family reunification, employment, and skilled migration.

What Responsibilities Does a Sponsor of a Sponsorship Visa Have?

Sponsors have important responsibilities, including financial support, ensuring the visa holder abides by visa conditions, and notifying the Department of Home Affairs in case of changes that affect the sponsorship. For example, an employer sponsoring a foreign worker must provide training and working conditions that meet Australian standards.

Can a sponsorship be revoked in Australia?

Yes, a sponsorship can be revoked under certain circumstances. If a sponsor fails to meet their obligations or if the Department of Home Affairs determines that the sponsorship was obtained through fraudulent means, the sponsorship approval can be cancelled. This may lead to the cancellation of the sponsored individual's visa as well, depending on the circumstances.

Can a Temporary Visa Holder Be Sponsored for Permanent Residency by an Employer in Australia?

Yes, certain temporary visa holders in Australia can be sponsored by their employer for permanent residency through pathways like the Employer Nomination Scheme (subclass 186) or the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (subclass 187). However, specific eligibility criteria, such as the duration of employment, skill requirements, and regional considerations, must be met for the transition from a temporary visa to permanent residency through employer sponsorship.
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