Cost of Living in Perth in 2024: For Students, Individuals & Families

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the cost of living in Perth expensive?

No, Perth is affordable as compared to other cities in Australia.

What is the monthly cost of living in Perth?

The monthly cost of living for an individual in Perth, Australia is $1,559.

Why is Perth famous?

Perth is probably most famous for being the most remote city on earth. Perth is the HQ of Australia's mining industry.

What are the utility costs in Perth?

You will need to weigh the cost of services, such as petrol, water, and power. However, it is suggested that one set aside between AUD 30 and AUD 150 weekly to pay for the cost of these services.

What are the mobile and internet charges in Perth?

The mobile and internet charges in Perth range from AUD 20 to AUD 50 weekly.

Is education in Perth free for international students?

While tuition fee waivers may apply during your study period, international students are still responsible for certain contributions and fees. The Western Australian schooling system is known for its excellence, emphasizing both academic success and personal growth.
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