Top 10 Banks In Australia For International Students

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the first Indian bank to establish a branch in Australia?

The State Bank of India is the first Indian bank to set up operations in Australia, specifically in the state of Victoria. Steve Dimopoulos, Victoria's parliamentary secretary to the treasurer, expressed delight at the inauguration, marking a significant milestone.

Which Indian bank has a branch in Australia?

The State Bank of India has opened its Melbourne office, making it the first Indian bank to have a branch in the Australian state of Victoria. This initiative is aligned with the 10-year India Strategy of the state, aiming to foster growing trade and investment relations between Victoria and India.

Does HDFC operate in Australia?

Yes, HDFC provides services in Australia for Non-Resident Indians (NRIs). Your NRI account with HDFC in Australia offers various features, allowing you to transfer funds freely between Australia and India. Repatriating money back to Australia is also made easy through your NRE Account.

Can I use an Indian bank in Australia?

Absolutely, all Indian banks extend banking and investment services to citizens of Australia and Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) residing in Australia. These services include NRE/NRO accounts, fixed deposits, loans, and credit cards for both NRI retail and corporate customers.

Which is the preferred bank for international students in Australia?

Commonwealth Bank stands out as a top choice among international students in Australia. It offers student-specific transaction accounts with low or no monthly fees, along with an extensive network of ATMs and branches across the country, making it a convenient option for students.
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