​ All You Need to Know About the Biometric Appointment for Canada Visas

 ​ All You Need to Know About the Biometric Appointment for Canada Visas

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the processing time for a Canadian visa after providing biometrics?

After submitting your biometrics, you can expect to receive a valid visa in approximately 8 weeks. This period is necessary for Canadian immigration authorities to verify your identity and perform essential security checks.

How long does it take to receive a biometrics appointment letter for Canada?

Generally, it takes approximately 2-4 weeks to receive a biometric invitation after applying for a Canadian study visa. Keep in mind that the timeframe may vary based on factors like application volume and the visa office handling your case.

How can I verify my biometric appointment?

After scheduling the appointment, you will receive an appointment confirmation via email if you provide an email address during scheduling. If no email address is available, you'll receive an SMS confirmation on your registered mobile number with the appointment date and time.

If I'm requested to provide biometrics, does it signify that my application is already approved?

No, providing your biometrics is a prerequisite that needs to be completed before we can proceed with processing your application. Your biometrics will be used for the assessment of your application, but it doesn't imply immediate approval.

What is the validity of the provided biometrics?

Biometrics are required once every 10 years. You won't need to provide biometrics again until the expiration of these 10 years. If you've previously provided biometrics for a visitor visa, work, or study permit application and they are still valid, there's no need to submit them again.

How can I get biometric appointment for Canada visa?

In India, customers of the Canada Visa Application Centres (CVAC) can schedule biometric appointments exclusively by filling out the appointment booking webform.

What is the biometric fee for Canada?

The biometric fee for an individual applicant is C$85, with a maximum total fee of C$170 for families applying together.

What happens after biometrics?

Following appointment for biometric Canada and recording, the application undergoes thorough review by immigration officials, including document verification and visa decision. Applicants are typically notified of the outcome via email or the online system.

Is it possible to obtain a Canada visa without biometrics?

Applicants qualifying for or holding a diplomatic (D-1) or official (O-1) visa are exempt from the biometrics requirement.

Can a visa be rejected after biometrics?

Biometrics is just one part of the application process and does not determine visa approval or refusal.
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