Which Country is Best For MBBS For Indian Students

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are medical students choosing to study abroad?

The main reason why Indians (medical students) are willing to study abroad is because of the Expensive Medical Education at private institutions in India that is forcing the students to plan their studies abroad.

Which country's MBBS is not valid?

The NMC, National Medical Commission has alerted medical aspirants in India to not travel to Pakistan for an MBBS degree, BDS, or any other equivalent medical degree, mentioning that none of the degrees would be considered valid.

Can I study MBBS abroad without NEET?

Yes, Indian students can study MBBS abroad without NEET, however they might need to look for the other eligible examinations to be attempted as part of the university admission or eligibility criteria.

Can I study MBBS abroad for free?

Yes, Indian students can study MBBS abroad for free in Germany. The universities in Germany mostly are low or no fees if opted for public universities.

Is Abroad MBBS Valid in India?

Yes, MBBS degree from foreign is valid in India if the degree is from a university recognised by the National Medical Commission (NMC). But the international degree holders need to clear the screening test to practice in India.

Is MBBS abroad safe?

Yes, certainly pursuing MBBS abroad is safest and one of the most suitable options, mainly for Indian students who do not have a good NEET score and are qualified for admission to an Indian Medical College.

What is the duration of MBBS abroad?

The MBBS course duration in most of the countries abroad is 5 years, of which 4 years is for practical and theoretical studies and the last year is for internship in college affiliate hospitals or clinics.

What is the admission process for MBBS abroad?

The admission requirement for MBBS abroad includes, a minimum of 50% and above in Physics, Chemistry and Biology, must have studied English in 10+2 (mandatory) and also you would have to pass the medical entrance examinations accepted by the university.

What is the age limit for Studying MBBS abroad?

The minimum age criteria for MBBS entrance as a full time student is 17 years and above, but there is no upper age limit for studying MBBS abroad. All you need is to fulfill the requirements as per university regulations.

Is MBBS good in India or Abroad?

Completing MBBS abroad would ensure you benefits like infrastructure, research facilities, better or affordable education costs, etc. The best part is that the Medical Council of India recognizes the degrees earned from medical colleges abroad. Moreover, studying in colleges abroad would be much cheaper compared to colleges in India.
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