Switzerland Study Visa Requirements: Are You Prepared with the Essential Checklist?

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much IELTS score Do I require for a Switzerland Student Visa?

To study in Switzerland a. Minimum 65% in Class 12 (best of 4 subjects) IELTS score of 6 or more/TOEFL score of 90 or more is required.

What's the amount needed for a Swiss student visa?

Financial Requirement: To obtain the student visa, you must fulfill the financial prerequisites for the Switzerland student visa. You are required to have adequate funds in your personal bank account before the start of your course—amounting to CHF 21,000 or INR 17,02,670 or USD 21,460.

Is Employment Possible with Switzerland’s Student Visa?

For international and non-EU/EFTA students, part-time work up to 15 hours per week is permitted. During breaks, full-day work is allowed. Any work updates must be reported to the relevant immigration authorities. Additionally, international students can commence work only after six months from the start of their course.

Is it Possible to Obtain a Work Permit in Switzerland After Graduation?

Following studies, international students are granted a 6-month stay-back period. It's advisable to acquire a 6-month residency permit for a continued stay in Switzerland. Once employed in Switzerland, you become eligible for a work permit.

Can I Extend My Stay After My Student Visa Expires?

Yes, you can extend your residency visa for six months to seek full-time work, with authorization to work 15 hours weekly. Provide proof of financial support, suitable accommodation, and course completion to your cantonal migration office. For continued postgraduate studies, a residence permit extension is possible with an official offer, allowing a maximum extension of two years.
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