Study 1 Year Masters in the USA: Eligibility, Universities, Courses & More

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are 1-year Master's programs worth it?

Opting for a 1-year Master's program is advantageous for those with specific goals and established experience. It's often favored by individuals proficient in mathematics who can handle rigorous courses.

How to find a 1-year Master's program in the USA?

Explore online options, directly contact universities, or seek guidance from professionals like Canam to discover suitable one-year programs.

Are there any 1-year MBA degrees?

Consider notable 1-year MBA programs such as Online MBA in International Business Management, Online MBA in Finance, and Online MBA in Sustainability and Energy Transitions.

Which is better, a 1-year or 2-year Master's in the USA?

Both have their merits; the choice depends on individual preferences. A two-year program allows more time for comprehensive coursework and elective exploration.

How challenging is it to secure a scholarship for MS in the USA?

Scholarship availability depends on factors like academic achievements, test scores, research experience, and the competition level for the specific scholarship.
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