Gap Certificate in 2024: Uses, Format, Samples & More

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much time it takes to make Gap Certificate?

As per the public notary, the process might take about 2-3 days at maximum. However, there are also consultancies that provide home service wherein you get the benefit to sign the affidavit as soon as attested by the notary.

How much is the cost incurred for obtaining a Gap Certificate?

Once you have completed filling in your details, the next step is to contact a notary or a lawyer to obtain the required stamp for your document. The cost of the stamp can range from 70 INR to 150 INR, depending on the specific requirements and regulations in your jurisdiction.

How to apply for a Gap certificate online?

A gap certificate cannot be applied entirely online. However, candidates can fill out the provided format online and have it notarized or sealed by a lawyer or district court. Alternatively, students may download the gap certificate from their school/college website. To reduce service charges, candidates can print and seal the form at a district court or with a lawyer, with fees ranging from Rs. 20-200 (varies by location).

Who is eligible to apply for a Gap certificate?

Everyone willing to pursue education or a career abroad is eligible to apply for a gap certificate, given the condition they have completed a minimum education of 12th standard.

Does it matter to have an education gap?

Certainly NOT. Having a gap year or multiple years of gap in your education does not matter as long as you could justify as to how you have utilized it for your skills and personality development.

Is a gap year certificate essential?

Typically, gap year certificates are necessary when there is a significant interruption in your educational timeline, such as taking a gap year before pursuing further studies.

How can you justify a 3-year gap after completing high school?

When addressing a gap in your education, honesty is key. Explain the reasons behind your hiatus and emphasize any valuable experiences or achievements gained during that time, such as volunteering, employment, or travel.

Who issues gap year certificates?

Students who have taken a break from their studies can obtain a gap year certificate from their last attended school or college, or from a court. They can approach a lower court or seek assistance from a lawyer or advocate to obtain this certificate.
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