Top Scholarships for Indian Students in France

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which fully funded PhD programs in France are available for Indian students?

Ecole Normale Superieure (ENS): Recognized as one of France's premier institutions, ENS provides fully funded doctoral programs across multiple fields such as mathematics, physics, biology, computer science, social sciences, philosophy, and literature.

What is the fully funded scholarship offered by the French government in France?

The CHARPAK SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM which is Operated by the Embassy of France in India, and the Charpak scholarship program is the French government's initiative in India. Named in honor of Georges Charpak (1924 - 2010).

Is IELTS required for studying in France?

No, France does not necessitate IELTS. Other options exist for admission to French universities without IELTS, including TOEFL scores, academic transcripts, admission interviews, and similar alternatives.

What percentage is needed to study in France?

Several French universities mandate a minimum of 60% to 65% in prior academic qualifications for Bachelor's degree applications. (Some universities demonstrate flexibility regarding these prerequisites.)

What amount of funds is necessary for studying in France?

Financial Evidence - proof of funds covering tuition fees of at least 615 Euros per month for the entire academic duration. Additionally, proof of valid medical insurance with coverage applicable in France is required.
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