Digital Nomad Visa Canada: New Gateway to Canada

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Indians eligible for the digital nomad visa in Canada?

Yes, the digital nomad visa in Canada is open to individuals from various countries, including India. As long as you meet the eligibility criteria and requirements, you can apply for the visa.

Is there a Remote Worker Visa in Canada?

As of now, Canada does not have a specific visa category called the Remote Worker Visa. However, the digital nomad visa program allows remote workers to live and work in Canada for a limited period. It is important to stay updated with the latest immigration policies and programs as they may change over time.

Can I work remotely in Canada on a tourist visa?

No, you generally cannot work remotely in Canada on a tourist visa. Tourist visas do not allow any form of employment, including remote work. To work remotely in Canada, you typically need a work permit or visa.

What types of jobs are eligible for the Digital Nomad Visa Canada?

The eligibility of jobs for the Digital Nomad Visa in Canada would likely depend on factors such as the nature of work, the ability to perform the job remotely, and the contribution it makes to the Canadian economy. While specific job categories might not be outlined, jobs that can be performed digitally, such as IT, design, writing, marketing, and consulting roles, are generally considered suitable. However, it's important to wait for the official requirements to be announced to get a clear understanding of which jobs would qualify.

Can I bring my family with me on the Digital Nomad Visa to Canada?

The eligibility of family members accompanying a digital nomad on the visa could vary based on the final regulations. In many visa programs, immediate family members such as spouses and dependent children might be allowed to accompany the primary applicant. However, there could be separate criteria or application processes for family members. It's recommended to stay updated with official announcements to know whether family members can be included and what the requirements would be.
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