Complete Breakdown of the Cost of Living in California, USA in 2024

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is California very expensive to live in?

According to MIT, California ranks 3rd in the nation for living costs, following Hawaii and Massachusetts. The average household expenditure for housing, healthcare, taxes, food, and transportation is estimated at $53,171 annually.

What salary do I need to live in San Francisco?

An individual without dependents must earn $84,026 post-tax to maintain a comfortable standard of living in the San Francisco-Oakland-Berkeley area.

How does the cost of living in San Francisco compare to London?

To maintain a similar standard of living in San Francisco, CA, you'd require approximately $8,900, whereas in London, you'd need about $7,701.9

Can you live in California with 100k?

Although $100,000 may not stretch far in California due to its high cost of living, it holds greater purchasing power in other states with lower taxes and living expenses compared to the Golden State.

What are the most cost-effective travel options in California?

Opting for bus travel is among the best and most economical ways to navigate California, with bus lines servicing nearly all counties in the state.
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