Complete Breakdown of the Cost of Living in Stockholm in 2024

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does dining out cost in Sweden?

A meal at a mid-range restaurant typically ranges from 100 to 250 SEK, whereas a fast-food meal is generally priced between 75 to 100 SEK.

Would a salary of 45,000 SEK suffice in Stockholm?

Yes, earning 45,000 SEK is considered quite substantial and well above the average salary in Sweden. After accounting for taxes and deductions, you would still retain about 2/3rd of that amount for a comfortable lifestyle in Stockholm.

What is the wealthiest city in Sweden?

Stockholm's metropolitan area ranks within the top 10% in terms of GDP per capita among the 327 OECD metropolitan areas.

What is the ideal time to visit Stockholm?

For experiencing the countryside nearby, the optimal period to visit Stockholm is between May and September. From mid-July to August, you'll also encounter Swedes vacationing, but overcrowding is seldom a concern.

What are the regulations regarding student work hours in Sweden?

While there's no specific restriction on student work hours, it's essential to note that you're typically expected to dedicate around 40 hours per week to academic commitments.
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