Australia PR Age Limit: Immigration Options After 45 years

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any exceptions to the age limit for specific occupations or skills in demand?

Yes, certain visa subclasses or states/territories may offer exemptions or age concessions for applicants with skills that are in high demand or listed on their occupation lists.

Is there an age limit for sponsored family visas?

Some family-sponsored visas might not have age limits for the applicants, while others may have age restrictions for both the sponsor and the applicant. It is advisable to review the requirements of the specific family visa you are considering.

Can I request an age waiver or appeal if I am slightly above the age limit?

In some exceptional circumstances, applicants may be eligible to request an age waiver or appeal if they are slightly above the age limit. These waivers are generally granted on a case-by-case basis and require strong justifications.

How can I maximize my chances of obtaining PR if my age is close to the age limit?

If your age is nearing the limit, it's essential to explore other ways to enhance your visa application, such as improving language proficiency, obtaining higher qualifications, or gaining relevant work experience in Australia. Consulting with a registered migration agent or seeking professional advice can also be beneficial.

How is the age of the applicant calculated for PR purposes?

The age of the applicant is calculated based on the date when the visa application is lodged. This means that the applicant's age at the time of application lodgment is considered for determining eligibility against the age limit criteria.

Does the age limit vary for different visa subclasses or immigration pathways?

Yes, the age limit can vary depending on the visa subclass or immigration pathway you are applying for. Some visa categories might have age limits set at 45 years, while others may have a lower age limit, such as 30 years.
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