LLM in the USA: Scope, Top Universities, Fees, and More

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between an LLM and a JD in the US?

A JD (Juris Doctor) is a professional degree required to practice law in the United States, while an LLM (Master of Laws) is an advanced law degree typically pursued by lawyers who already have a JD.

What are the specific LLM programs available in the US?

US universities offer a wide range of LLM programs specializing in various legal fields, including tax law, international law, intellectual property law, environmental law, corporate law, and family law.

What are the eligibility requirements for LLM programs in the US?

Generally, applicants must have a JD or equivalent law degree from an accredited institution and meet the specific requirements of the chosen LLM program. Some programs may also require additional qualifications, such as work experience or a certain GPA.

What is the average salary for lawyers with an LLM degree in the US?

The median starting salary for lawyers with an LLM degree in 2022 was $102,000. The highest median starting salaries were in the areas of intellectual property law ($142,500), tax law ($140,000), and corporate law ($135,000).

What are the advantages of pursuing an LLM in the US?

Obtaining an LLM in the US offers a plethora of benefits, including:

​ Enhanced Legal Expertise: Gaining specialized knowledge in a chosen legal field, such as tax law or international law.
​ Career Advancement: Qualifying for higher-level legal positions and leadership roles.
​ Networking Opportunities: Building valuable professional connections through a diverse network of students and professionals.
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