TOEFL vs IELTS - Which is Better?: A Comparative Analysis

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Limited-time offer : Access a free 10-Day IELTS study plan curated for you

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which English proficiency test do colleges typically prefer, IELTS or TOEFL?

American institutions often favor TOEFL, while IELTS is more widely accepted internationally. However, many schools accept scores from both exams. It's advisable to check if a specific institution has a preference for either test.

Is the TOEFL exam difficult for Indian students?

The TOEFL exam can be challenging for students from India, as well as for students from the United States. It places a strong emphasis on academic subjects and employs sophisticated vocabulary that may not be frequently encountered in everyday conversations. Additionally, the test frequently includes academic vocabulary rooted in Latin origins.

Is the IELTS exam challenging for Indian students?

Getting ready for the IELTS exam involves addressing various aspects of the English language. The level of difficulty can differ from one individual to another. For some, listening might pose challenges, while others may find reading more demanding. Likewise, a few candidates might struggle the most with writing.

How to score 7.5 and above in IELTS in the first attempt?

- Enhance your listening, writing, reading, and speaking abilities. - Focus on Speed. The speed at which you can accurately listen, read, write, and speak is closely tied to your success in the IELTS test. - Stay composed and relaxed during the exam. - Utilize IELTS practice materials and sample papers to prepare effectively. - Ensure that you attempt all the questions on the test.

Do certain institutions or countries favor one test over the other?

Yes, some institutions or countries may have a preference for either TOEFL or IELTS, which can affect your decision. It's important to research the specific requirements of your target institutions or countries to make an informed choice.
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