Guidelines for Student Working Hours in the UK

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 Guidelines for Student Working Hours in the UK

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I start my part-time work in the UK without a National Insurance number?

Yes, you can work part-time in the UK without a National Insurance Number (NIN). However, it is essential to apply for a NIN as soon as possible to ensure that you are correctly registered for tax and national insurance contributions.

Who is Counted as an International Student?

It is generally accepted that students in the UK who do not hold UK citizenship or settled status are international students.

How is the Increase in international student working hours going to help?

During the academic year 2021-22, the UK welcomed a total of 680,000 international students, indicating significant growth in the student population. The potential removal or increase of the working hour limit not only positively impacts the economy but also benefits these students directly.

Who is eligible for a work visa in the UK?

Upon registering with a Tier 4 visa at a British university, every international student has the opportunity to stay in the UK after graduation and seek employment. If eligible to work in the UK while studying, you can apply for a post-study work visa, granting you the chance to pursue job opportunities after completing your studies.

Are students exempt from taxes in the UK?

If you're a student and you have a job, you'll have to pay Income Tax if you earn more than £242 a week, however, up to £12,570 earned within a year is considered a personal allowance, and thus it is tax-free.

What happens if you work more than 20 hours a week on a UK student visa?

Exceeding the 20-hour work limit in any given week while on your visa can violate your visa conditions, which may have serious consequences such as hindering your ability to obtain future visas or complete your studies in the UK.
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