MBBS in New Zealand: Scope, Eligibility, Top Colleges, Fees

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum score required in 12th grade to apply for MBBS in New Zealand?

A minimum of 75% in 12th grade is necessary to apply for MBBS in New Zealand.

Can you secure admission to MBBS in New Zealand with a gap year after 12th grade?

Yes, it is permissible if you can provide credible information about your activities during the gap years. Admission decisions primarily rely on academic merit, so a gap year typically does not influence the medical admissions committee's decision-making.

Is an MBBS degree from New Zealand recognized in India?

Yes, but only if it is from universities acknowledged by the Medical Council of India. The medical colleges at the University of Otago hold MCI certification. These colleges are affiliated with two distinct campuses of the Otago Medical School.

Is NEET mandatory for MBBS in New Zealand?

The essential entrance examinations include NEET and UCAT. Both of these tests are obligatory for MBBS applications in New Zealand. A minimum score of 50 percentile is required in NEET.

What is the minimum amount that must be demonstrated for living in New Zealand?

You must showcase a monthly average balance exceeding NZ$400, which serves as mandatory financial proof for university admission and securing a student visa.
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