How to check if a Canada visa is original or fake? A step-by-step guide

 How to check if a Canada visa is original or fake? A step-by-step guide

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the documents required for Canadian visa applications?

Documents required for Canadian visa applications:
- Valid travel document with at least two blank pages
- properly completed application
- Xerox of round-trip airline ticket or itinerary
- Your name and birthdate are written on the backs of two pictures
- Evidence of one's financial stability, such as the most recent tax return
- Letter of invitation from a Canadian-based business partner (for business visitor visa)
- Medical checkup report from an authorized New Delhi healthcare provider
- Score on an English or French language test.

Note: Depending on the type of Canadian visa you require, you might need to provide more papers.

What is the fee charged for different types of Canada visa applications?

Types of Canadian Visa with Visa Fee (in Canadian Dollars):
1. Temporary/visitor visa: $100
2. Transit visa: NIL
3. Super visa: $100
4. Study permit: $150
5. Work permit: $155

What is a Canada Visa Application Center?

To assist clients in successfully submitting applications for all temporary resident categories (visitor visas, study and work permits), as well as applications for travel documents, to the offices of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada located around the world, Canada Visa Application Centres have been established.

Who is the Indian contractor for the Canada Visa Application Centre?

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada has granted a commercial corporation, VFS Global, permission to run the India Canada Visa Application Center.

How and where do I apply for a visa?

The Canada Visa Application Center is where you may submit your application. The IRCC's online application system can also be used to submit applications (E-Apps).

Can I have someone else apply on my behalf?

A person that you designate may submit your application on your behalf. To authorise the representative to submit or collect the application pack/decision envelope on your behalf, please fill out the Use of a Representative [IMM 5476] form and/or the VFS Global Consent Form.

How can I find out where my application stands?

By clicking on "Track Your Application," you can quickly find out the progress of your application.

Will I have to appear for a visa office interview?

You might be required to attend an interview at the Visa Office by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. You will be contacted by the Visa Application Centre, or the Visa Office may get in touch with you directly. You will also be informed through an update on the Online Application Tracking System.

What are the major features of a Canadian Visa?

Major features of a Canadian Visa are as follows:
​ - It is accessible for both single- and round-trip travel
- There is no price for a transit visa
- Expedited student visa processing for Indian applicants

What is the validity of different types of Canadian visas?

Types of Canadian Visa with their Validity Period are:-
1. Temporary/Visitor visa: 6 months
2. Transit visa: Up to 48 hours
3. Super visa: Up to 2 years
4. Study permit: Course duration + 90 days
5. Work permit: Depends on the job and its duration
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