Unlocking Opportunities: Business in Australia for Indian Entrepreneurs

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Business Visa Necessary for Indians to Make a Business in Australia?

Indeed, Indians intending to travel to Australia for business-related reasons must secure a Business visa for Australia from India. Specifically, the Business Visitor Stream visa in Australia (Subclass 600) is the appropriate choice for individuals seeking to travel for business purposes.

Is it possible to attain permanent residency in Australia through business ownership?

There are two primary pathways to consider:

- Provisional Visa, which can lead to permanent residency upon establishing a business in Australia.
- Direct permanent residence, available for candidates sponsored by a State or Territory government.

Is it possible to change a business visa into a work visa?

A business visa is valid for 5 years from the issuance date. Yes, it is often possible to transition from a business visa to a work visa, depending on the specific visa program and its associated conditions. However, the feasibility and process for such a transition can vary, so it's essential to consult with immigration authorities or legal experts for guidance tailored to your particular situation and visa type.

What's the required investment amount for Australian PR?

To qualify, you need to invest a minimum of AUD 5 million in approved investments or engage in a complying entrepreneur activity in Australia. Another option is to invest a minimum of AUD 15 million.

What is an Australian Golden Visa?

An Australian Golden Visa can be secured through an investment of AUD 1.25 million or more or by initiating a business within the country. Holders of business and investment visas are entitled to live in Australia for five years and have the opportunity to attain permanent residency.
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