A Step-by-Step Guide to Your Certificate of Acceptance of Quebec (CAQ)

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 A Step-by-Step Guide to Your Certificate of Acceptance of Quebec (CAQ)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the typical duration for CAQ approval?

A CAQ application takes approximately 20 to 30 business days to process. It's crucial not to wait for the CAQ certificate to be physically sent to you. Instead, utilize the CAQ Approval Letter available on your Immigration Quebec portal page to initiate your Study permit application without delay.

Can I take less than 12 credits per term and study part-time?

As per the current CAQ conditions, international students, including QS holders, are required to prioritize their studies as their principal activity. This implies maintaining full-time student status throughout each term of your program, except for the final term. To comply with CAQ regulations, it is essential to uphold full-time enrollment for the majority of your academic journey.

Do I need to request a new CAQ if I switch universities or programs?

No, applying for a new CAQ is not necessary when changing universities or programs, provided you satisfy the following criteria:

​ - The duration of your new program aligns with the length of your original program
​ - Your initial CAQ was granted for university studies
​ - There is no change in the level of study (e.g., Bachelor to Masters)

How long does it take to hear back from Immigration Quebec after uploading CAQ supporting documents?

The processing time for CAQ applications can vary. Typically, Immigration Quebec aims to process applications within 25 business days after confirming the receipt of supporting documents. However, if more than 8 weeks have passed without a response, it's advisable to contact Immigration Quebec for a follow-up.

Is it possible to extend my CAQ?

Yes, you can extend your CAQ. It is highly recommended to initiate the extension process at least 6 months before its expiration. If you are obtaining your first CAQ in Canada or applying for a new one as you progress to the next level of education (Bachelor's, Master's, or PhD), it is advisable to submit your application promptly upon receiving your offer of admission.
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