Complete Guide to SDS Canada and Non-SDS Canada Visa

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is not eligible for the SDS stream?

You are not eligible if you reside in a country not included in the eligible countries listed above, or if you don’t meet the criteria for faster processing, however, you can apply for a study permit through the regular study permit application process.

How much is the SDS fee for Canada?

A Direct Student Stream Study Permit application costs 150 CAD, just like any other Study Permit application.

Which is better, SDS or Non-SDS?

SDS (Student Direct Stream) is considered better than non-SDS due to the following reasons:

​ - Less Documentation
​ - Faster Processing​

What is the Processing time of a Non-SDS Visa Application?

The processing time for a Non-SDS Canada visa application is 2 -3 months.

What is the Non-SDS visa success rate?

The success rate for non-SDS visa applications is considerably lower compared to SDS applications. As per the latest data from IRCC, the success rate for SDS candidates in 2021 stood at 71%, whereas it was 40% for non-SDS applicants.

Is the SDS category a replacement for IRCC's regular study permit stream?

No, the SDS category does not replace IRCC's regular study permit stream. If a student's application under the SDS visa category is not selected, they still have the option to have their application processed under the regular processing procedures.
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