Top Public Universities in UK - Fees, Location and more

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do UK Public universities accept international students?

Yes, UK Public Universities accept approximately 15% international students each year. To provide financial aid and help to international students, many scholarships are also funded by the University as well as the government each year.

Is public university free in the UK?

No, Public universities are not free in the UK but some universities have waived off the tuition fees and only demand for the administration and accommodation fees. The average cost of living in the UK for students is also reduced when the scholarships are provided by the universities or the government.

What is the average cost of living in the UK per year?

The average cost of living in the UK for international students is around £10,000 - £18,600 per year. The cost of living in the UK includes costs like food, groceries, household bills and much more. However, this cost is subjective and depends upon the needs and wants of an individual.

Is education free in the UK for Indian students?

No, education is not free in the UK for international students as well as Indian students. However, numerous scholarships, waivers and educational awards are available for the students. For more information regarding that, one is advised to visit the official website of their potential university.

Which city has the best universities in the UK?

London is considered to be the hub of the best public universities in the UK. Approximately 15% of the international students prefer to reside in London for a better educational environment as well as an enriching college experience.
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