Language Test For Canada PR: List of English to French Exams for Canada Immigration

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Limited-time offer : Access a free 10-Day IELTS study plan curated for you

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to take both French and English tests to immigrate to Canada?

The need for different language tests depends on the immigration program. For example, applying as a Federal Skilled Worker under Express Entry benefits from submitting both French and English results.

What score is needed from the language test?

The required score varies by immigration program. Some programs emphasize high proficiency, while others prioritize other criteria.

Do I need to provide language results if I completed post-secondary education in English or French?

In most cases, yes, unless applying for citizenship or certain study permits.

Which is easier: TCF or TEF?

Both tests have similar difficulty levels, with differences in format, time limits, and types of questions.

Is PTE easier than IELTS?

Neither test is inherently easier; differences lie in examination mode and question patterns.

Is a 7.5 IELTS score good for Canadian immigration?

A score of 7.5 is impressive, but the Canadian immigration system considers various factors through the Comprehensive Ranking System, like age, education, work experience, etc, along with language proficiency.
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