PTE vs IELTS: Which is Best for Your Immigration in 2024?

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Limited-time offer : Access a free 10-Day IELTS study plan curated for you

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is PTE valid for PR in Canada?

Yes, as per the latest rule, IRCC will accept PTE for Canadian Immigration applications, starting from the end of the year 2023

How many attempts are there for the PTE exam?

The authority does not impose a specific restriction on the number of attempts for the PTE Academic Exam. However, you must wait for a minimum of 5 days before retaking the exam.

Can I move forward, skip questions and then come back to them later?

Yes, in the case of IELTS you can skip the question and attempt it later, however, that's not the case with PTE, you have to attempt the answer before moving to the next question.

How many months are PTE & IELTS valid?

PTE and IELTS both are valid for 2 years. However, for Immigration to Australia through skilled immigration, IELTS validity remains 3 years.

Can I retake the IELTS without paying?

No, The fee for the second attempt at IELTS remains consistent with that of the initial attempt. The registration and exam costs remain unchanged, irrespective of the number of times you take the IELTS test.

Is IELTS better or PTE for immigration?

Both tests are equally challenging, with differences primarily lying in their examination methods and structures. IELTS consists of 4 sections with longer tasks, whereas PTE features multiple shorter tasks across 3 sections.

Is PTE better than IELTS for Australia?

Both PTE and IELTS are effective when considering immigration to Australia, however, IELTS stands out as the preferred choice for maximizing your opportunities across Australian organizations, thanks to its broader recognition.

Is a PTE score of 75 considered good?

Most top universities typically require a PTE score between 65-75, while others may accept scores between 50-63.

What are IELTS and PTE?

IELTS and PTE are English proficiency exams. IELTS is widely accepted by more countries and universities compared to PTE Academic.

Which English test is the easiest?

IELTS is generally considered the easier option. Candidates comfortable with computer-based tests can also consider PTE or the computer-based version of IELTS. Both have their advantages.
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