Work Visa for Portugal from India in 2024: Eligibility & Fees

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to extend the Portugal work permit visa for Indians?

As long as your employer continues to extend a job offer, you can renew this permit at the SEF before it expires in a year or two. After that, for as long as the residence permit is valid, you are free to live and work in Portugal.

Is it possible for a work visa for Portugal from India to result in permanent residency in Portugal?

Indeed, once a person has obtained a temporary residency permit and lived and worked in Portugal for five years while on a work visa, they can apply for permanent residency.

Is it possible for me to turn in the Portugal work visa paperwork in the regional language?

No, applications for a work visa to Portugal cannot be submitted in a regional tongue. The work visa documentation for Portugal must be submitted in either Portuguese or English. Should they choose not to have the documents translated, they will need to have a certified translator translate them before notarizing them.

Is an EU Blue Card required for a Portugal job visa for Indians?

Highly qualified individuals can work in Portugal for a year under a special work visa category called EU Blue card. The following requirements must be fulfilled:
​ - It is not appropriate for the foreign national to be a part of the Schengen member state.
​​ - The employer's offer letter or employment contract must be presented by the applicant.
- The applicant must provide the necessary documentation to demonstrate their suitability for the position.

Is it simple to obtain a Portugal work permit visa for Indians?

A Portugal work permit for Indians is available to applicants who meet the requirements. The employer, however, can apply for the work permit for Portugal from India. After submitting an application for the position and passing any required exams or interviews, the employer can handle obtaining the necessary work permits.
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