Top 10 Universities in Ireland for Masters in 2024: Eligibility & Programs

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can you work after your masters in Ireland?

There are a plethora of job opportunities awaiting you in various MNC companies in Ireland. To enhance your job search, it's advisable to explore the critical skills list, which highlights the in-demand fields in the country.

Which is the highest-paying job in Ireland?

Doctors and surgeons earn the highest salaries in Ireland, averaging between 71,600 EUR and 222,000 EUR annually.

Is studying in Ireland free for Indian students?

No, it is not free but it is affordable in terms of tuition fees and living expenses compared to other study destinations. Irish universities and government schemes also offer a wide range of scholarships and funding options.

Do Indians get PR in Ireland?

Yes, Indian students, along with other non-EU students, have the opportunity to obtain Permanent Residency (PR) in Ireland if they meet the following criteria:
1. Resided in Ireland for a minimum of 5 years
2. Possess a valid work authorization permit
3. Hold stable employment.

Can I go to Ireland without IELTS?

Yes, If a student has an acceptance letter from an Irish university stating that an IELTS score is not required, they are eligible to apply for an Ireland student visa.

What are the intake seasons for pursuing MS in Ireland?

Intake seasons for MS programs in Ireland typically revolve around Autumn and Spring. Autumn intake usually begins in June, while Spring intake typically starts in September. Different from some countries where intakes occur year-round, Ireland primarily follows these two seasonal intakes.

How to find work after completing your MS in Ireland?

You can explore job opportunities in various companies in Ireland, especially if your field is in demand according to the critical skills list. Meeting these demands can often lead to securing a job with ease, accompanied by a hassle-free work permit.

Do international students have to pay tuition fees to study in Ireland?

Yes, international students pursuing an MS in Ireland are required to pay tuition fees each semester. However, it's worth noting that undergraduate studies in Ireland are typically tuition-free for students.

Is work experience necessary for pursuing an MS in Ireland?

While the specific requirements may vary among universities, having 2-4 years of work experience is generally recommended when considering an MS program in Ireland.
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