Things To Carry While Traveling To Canada From India

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should Indian students Carry to Canada?

Along with other necessities Indian students need to carry some important documents like their passport, temporary residence permit, study permit, LOA or letter of acceptance issued by a Canadian university, proof of sufficient funds, age proof, proof of tuition payments, etc.

How to pack luggage for Canada from India?

When you are planning to go to Canada, you must pack according to the weather. Canada usually gets very cold during the winter. So if you are planning to visit Canada during the winter make sure you have enough clothes to beat the winter. However, no matter which season you are visiting Canada in, you must pack your traveling documents, prescription drugs, daily essentials, and money with you while going to Canada.

What is not allowed in luggage in Canada?

There are certain items that you cannot carry in your luggage while traveling to Canada. These items are batteries, personal electronic devices, camping equipment, curling iron, lighters, powder, oxygen for medical purposes, etc.

Do you have to declare food items entering Canada?

In Canada, you are required by law to declare all food items, plants, animal products, or live animals that you bring into the country with you.

What items are banned from carry-on luggage in Canada?

In Canada, you can’t take certain things in your carry-on luggage these things include, firearms, devices that can hurt, or make someone immobile, sharp objects, tools that can cause serious injuries, blunt objects that can cause serious injuries, explosives, liquids, and aerosol, dangerous goods, and inorganic powder or granular materials.

How much CAD can I carry while traveling from India?

While coming to Canada or leaving the country you need to declare any money or monetary instruments such as stocks, bonds, or cheques you are carrying with you valued at 10,000 CAD or more than it.

How many kgs of luggage can I carry to Canada from India?

When you are traveling to Canada, you must keep your luggage under the weight limit of 32 kg.

What are the most important documents to carry in Canada from India?

When you are going to Canada, you must carry your valid travel documents like your passport, valid visa, Letter of Acceptance (if applicable), valid immigration medical tests report, proof of having enough money to sustain in Canada, etc.

What is the best mode to carry money to Canada from India?

Always buy travel insurance while traveling to Canada. However, always carry a backup in terms of cash, credit, and debit cards.
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