A Complete Guide on One Module Retake for IELTS in India: Eligibility, Fees, and More

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Limited-time offer : Access a free 10-Day IELTS study plan curated for you

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Frequently Asked Questions

What additional conditions must be met in order to retake just one IELTS skill?

No, there is only one of the skills' eligibility requirements to meet in order to retake the IELTS exam. If you meet the prerequisites for IELTS registration, you are allowed to retake one skill in India in 2024. These basic prerequisites include presenting the proper identification and making the necessary payment.

Is it possible to retake the IELTS exam for multiple skills at once?

Retaking more than one skill in the IELTS exam is not an option; it is not possible. The ability to retake only one skill allows them to focus on strengthening a specific area of weakness or a skill they wish to improve upon.

Can scores from several attempts at applying for a visa or admission to a university be combined?

Absolutely, after a student takes the IELTS multiple times, colleges and visa agencies take into account their overall band score. Your applications can be based on your best results across all of your attempts in each competency. It proves your perseverance and commitment to reaching your educational or immigration goals.

Is there a maximum number of times I can use the One Module Retake feature?

There might be limitations on how many times candidates can use the One Module Retake option in a given time frame. It is recommended that candidates inquire with IDP about any restrictions or requirements.

Is there an extra cost associated with using the One Module Retake option?

Indeed, candidates who choose to retake one module may need to pay an additional ₹16,250. Candidates should visit the IDP website or get in touch with their local test center for more information as the fee structure is subject to change.
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