Master’s in Economics in the USA: Why is it Worth Pursuing?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pursue a master’s in economics in the USA without a GRE?

Yes, Indeed, several universities in the USA waive the requirement for international students to submit GRE scores when applying for a master's in economics, such as MIT, Boston University, and the University of Wisconsin.

How hard is it to pursue a degree in economics?

A degree in economics demands proficiency in mathematics, data analysis, and critical thinking, alongside an exploration of psychology and sociology concepts. While it presents challenges, students passionate about understanding the economic system often find it intellectually stimulating and rewarding.

What's the difference between economics and accounting?

While both involve math, accounting is mainly about financial analysis and reporting for businesses, while economics studies societal factors to forecast trends and inform economic policies.

Which economics degree is the best?

Typically sought by those aspiring to professional careers, an M.A. in Economics typically takes one to two years to complete. This program provides courses with a greater mathematical complexity compared to undergraduate degrees.

Which stream is better for economics?

After your 10th grade, opt for either commerce or science, emphasizing economics and mathematics. Avoid humanities, as this field typically does not include economics and mathematics courses
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