Cost of studying in Canada for Indian Students: Things You Must Know

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Limited-time offer : Access a free 10-Day IELTS study plan curated for you

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Canadian city is the best for studying?

Some of the greatest cities in Canada for studying are Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, Vancouver, and Ottawa.

Which Canadian university is the least expensive?

University of Manitoba, Dalhousie, McGill, University of Alberta, and Memorial University are a few of the least expensive universities in Canada.

Is it expensive to study in Canada?

It is undoubtedly more expensive to study in Canada than in India. However, studying in Canada is far less expensive than in other top nations like the US and the UK.

What are the required documents for a Canadian Student Visa?

Valid Passport Proof of Acceptance by the Institute Proof of Funds Passport Size Photographs Immigration Medical Examination (IME) English Language Proficiency Exam Score Statement of Purpose Credit Card

Do Canadian universities offer free tuition?

No, Canada does not have any free universities. However, Canada offers many free universities as well as numerous scholarships to foreign students.

Can I work in Canada while I'm a student?

If your study visa includes a provision allowing you to work, you may be permitted to do so while you are enrolled in classes there. You can choose to work on or off campus while studying in this situation. If the statement is missing from your study permit, you can get it updated without paying anything.

How much money in the bank is needed to obtain a student visa for Canada?

International students must show verification of at least $25,000 in funds in their bank accounts or on the sponsor's account statement in order to enrol in a Canadian high school.

What Canadian course is the least expensive?

In Canada, one-year PG and diploma programmes typically cost less than bachelor's or master's degrees. Students can choose from a variety of specialisations offered under diploma courses at Canadian universities.

How much does it cost for 1 year courses in Canada for Indian students?

Students should budget between 10,000 CAD and 20,000 CAD for the expense of attending one-year courses in Canada. There are courses available for as little as 4,000 CAD per year at Holland College, Fanshawe College, and Bow Valley College.

Can I get PR after 1 year studying in Canada?

The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is a tool used by Canadian provinces and territories to draw people who want to immigrate and reside there in order to support the local economy and culture. Each province has its own set of requirements for eligibility that are used to screen potential applicants. The following provinces in Canada provide PNPs which enable you to apply for a PR permit after completing one year of study: British Columbia Manitoba Newfoundland and Labrador Ontario
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