United Kingdom Education System: Study Levels, Grading System, and More

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who runs schools in the UK?

The UK education system involves a collaboration of stakeholders. The Department for Education sets national policies, while local authorities manage community and county schools. Independent academy trusts run academies and free schools, with more freedom over curriculum and budget.

Which education system is better, the UK vs the US?

The UK shines with its rigorous curriculum, shorter degrees, research reputation, and globally recognized qualifications, but might feel inflexible and pressure-filled. The US offers a broader curriculum, flexibility in choosing courses, and strong extracurriculars but can be less standardized, more expensive, and have longer degrees.

What is the rank of the UK in education?

The UK consistently ranks high in global education rankings, but its exact position can vary depending on the specific ranking system and metrics used. Here's a ranking published by Upgradabroad: the UK ranks 1st with a Quality Index of 78.2.

What is a grammar school in the UK?

A grammar school in the UK is an academically selective state-funded secondary school. This means that students must pass an entrance exam, typically the 11-plus, to gain admission. These schools emphasize traditional academic subjects and prepare students for university entrance.

Are schools in the UK private?

No, most schools in the UK are not private. Only about 7% of children attend private schools. The majority of children attend state-funded schools, which are free to attend and open to all children regardless of their academic ability or family background.
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